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  I currently teach in Nailsea and Weston-super-Mare, North Somerset.  Classes are in school term time only. 




7.00pm -8.00pm Backwell WI Hall, Station Road, Backwell BS48 3QW.  Car parking available.

Open level.

PLEASE  NOTE: On the FIRST Monday of every month, class will be held at Nailsea Tithe Barn, Church Lane, Nailsea BS48 4NG. Same time 7pm - 8pm.  




6.45pm - 7.45pm St Saviours Church Hall, 74, Locking Road, Weston BS23 3EN.  Car parking available.


Open level.

Classes are interchangeable - so if you can't make your regular class, then you can come to one of my other classes.

Term Dates




Term 1: 10th February 2020 - 30th March 2020 (8 weeks)

Term 2: 20th April - 18th May (5 weeks)

Term 3: 1st June - 13th July (7 weeks)

Term 4: 7th September - 19th October (7 weeks)

Term 5: 2nd November - 7th December  2020 (6 weeks).





Term 1 : 13th February 2020 - 2nd April 2020 (8 weeks)

Term 2: 23rd April - 21st May (5 weeks)

Term 3: 4th June - 16th July (7 weeks)

Term 4: 10th September - 22nd October (7 weeks)

Term 5: 5th November - 10th December 2020 (6 weeks).



What to wear?


Loose, comfortable clothing such as long, full skirt or leggings, t-shirt or vest top. We dance barefoot but flat dance shoes can be worn if more comfortable for you. Feel free to wear anything sparkly - I do!

Most importantly .... wear a smile! 


And, no, you do not need to show your belly!

How much?


Payment is payable by the term in advance only.  An 8 week term is £40 , a 7 week term is £35 and a 6 week term is £30 etc.  This equates to £5 per person per class.

Newcomers are welcome to pay £5 for their first lesson and then pay the balance of the term the following week.



I also arrange haflas (Arabic for party) twice a year for my classes to get together, have a good ol’ boogie and perform (optional) the term’s choreography.  The haflas are always good fun.  The next one is Saturday 5th December 2020.​


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